Confession blondes: how much is to be Blondie?

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We conducted interviews with our friend, for more than 15 years prefer blonde locks and learned the truth about what it means to be Blonde.

Lisa (30 years old, the owner of a luxury stacks of bright, smooth, shiny and well-groomed hair just below the shoulder blades): “the First time I wear make-up, 14-15 year olds, like all girls. I wanted to stand out, to be bright and recognizable. At that point – it was the lighter colored strands, coloring – it looked bad, but the effect of “wow” was not accurate – then I absolutely had no idea how to care for their hair. Then my experiments with hair have become more serious – and were etched light tips and strong weave and cap of blond hair on the dark basis, until at last I matured to a total change of image in the direction of the blonde. Why? It’s all about appearance. When highlighting, the hair looks dry and dull – I then knew nothing about the alignment, styling, special hair – well, look my hair is suitable. In short, creepy. Besides, since my length wasn’t short and I sometimes had to pick them up in a pony tail – could see the dark roots and looked ugly. But the main reason was the unkempt hair, Yes.

Хочу стать блондинкой

And here I am finally totally bright. Happy, joyful, remember, flying step out of the car, creaked as the tips of the strands as they glistened. Well and comes 3-4 days, my I then them, dry – fit the mirror and realize that it’s full of Ales, but the highlights are resting because they are all, not only the individual strands in the condition of dry, scorched grass. Thank you master, which 5 managed to ruin my hair. I began to look for another salon, began to use the means without ammonia, abandoned in favor of discoloration of paints pulling my natural color in natural light, and then walked the 40-minute toning. On the advice of his master bought professional hair mask, morally expensive, but really effective, was to use dvukhfaznom facilitate combing, then a professional hair dryer, also bought in special. the cabin – directed air stream pulled to Shine strands, and in the end was applied to the tips of the crystals. The result? Monthly 3-hour session at the salon. Professional cosmetics. Professional Hairdryer. Morning and laying of 20 minutes.

C’est La vie blondes”

Шампунь от желтизны волос

On the big secret, Lisa shared her life hacking, on the way to a brighter part of his present life:

1. Shampoo Acme-Professional Fortesse lecithin 1000ml color Fastness – can be found in any cosmetics store type “eve”, “ProStor”. Foams well, lasts for 4 months, to save face. Tried toning shampoo for blondes – those that lilac color and type as mute yellow pigment. Garbage! Don’t waste your time and money on such experiments. Unless You are a natural blonde, which a yellow hue is not in sight.

By the way, the cabin, shared with me a discovery that you can take any professional shampoo which comes in large packages – still it only effects the outer and goal – clarification, so all listed on the jar of super-trains will operate for exactly 1 minute – when you froth and wash away. All.

2. Hair mask Numero Hair professional Crema Ristruttarante all Brelil Avena 1000ml – hair Cream, revitalizing with oats. In it, I fell in love with the first application – a fabulous smell, and low consumption (a half of a finger is enough for my whole head), comfortable hydration without tagline and smooth, smooth hair after drying. Used and other series of brands, including the number of the mass market. Not the same. Some hair too oily and dirty quickly. Others have only a little feed. And still others need to apply a palm to be enough for all strands.

Уход за волосами для блондинки

3. 2-fasnik. Certainly Nouvelle Double shot – two-phase tool for gloss and hair restoration. Steeper it – there was nothing. Light, airy, with bright funky smell – you won’t part from him when you try. Works 100%, flow rate at 10 times zilch for about 6 months. Generally, your money justifies a Bang! Apply – incidentally, immediately after the wet hair with a towel, to the dryer, this is important. It needs to soak in.

4. Crystals. Here is the gold standard in the form of Brelil Bio Traitement Cristalli Liquidi. Take 1 phase if you have very dry hair and the ends. And 2-phase – if they are norms. Application circuit – after the installation, the final stage in the dry areas, previously rubbed in the palms.

5. Professional Hairdryer. My favorite MoserPowerStyleionicна 2000 watts. Why is he? Powerful, perfectly draws out the strands, like in the salon. Dries quickly (put the maximum blowing and heating) = 5-7 minutes. And what is important, is durable and does not break. A bit heavy and bulky. But the result is worth it.

And our final miscalculation of time spent and finances:

Хочу стать блондинкой

1. Hair coloring

Duration: 3 hours, 1P/month

Scheme: discoloration bleaching powder paint to the bright colors – tinted yellow pigment with warm or cool colors – styling

Cost: 500-600 UAH

2. Cosmetics

Shampoo, mask, 2 pasnik: 150+200+250 = 600 +/-100 UAH (depending on store)

How long: 6 months

3. Hair styling

Scheme: On wet hair 2фазник – professional dryer, the pulling – in end crystals

The cost of professional dryer: 1100grn

Duration: 20 min. daily

Хочу стать блондинкой

So, if You’ve decided that You blonde – fated, six-month stock up with patience, money in the amount – UAH 2300, satalites professional cosmetics and tools for styling, allow time for the daily care of your hair and wait.

Reliably tested to obtain the shade that fits you and which you will wear with pleasure – it takes time. But update your wardrobe, cosmetics and otlichnye new followers photos on Instagram is surely worth the effort, right?

P. S. by the Way, read our beauty-experiment about Horse shampoo for hair growth — we’ve put together 4 of our readers to find out exactly it works or is it just a PR stunt producer.

Luminium hair at home: pretty and useful

Lamination of hair is recognized as one of the most popular salon treatments in the world, it creates a protective coating which hair is already 5 weeks will be smooth and radiant.

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скарлетт йохансон

Scarlett Johansson, for example, makes laminating because it allows the actress to dye your hair less frequently. Kiera Knightley thanks to the lamination makes your hair is much bigger, and Brad pitt give hair better Shine.

In salons such procedure costs from 1500 UAH, and here at home, it can be done for only 5 USD.

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What do I need?

– gelatin


– balm.

Lamination is useful because gelatin is very similar in structure with the hair, it fills in the hair, it flakes, enveloped him, and makes hairs each, first, protected second, shiny, smooth and elastic.


Stage 1:

Gelatin – 0.5 packs

Warm water 6-8 tbsp

Organic baby shampoo – 50 ml

Stage 2:

Gelatin 0.5 packs

Balm, conditioner – 4 tbsp

The wheat germ oil – 1 tsp


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Take a tablespoon of gelatin and boil in 6-8 St spoons of warm water. Water should not be hot because if the boiling water, the gelatin just roll up, and not cold, because it will be a long to brew.

Gradually dissolve the gelatin in warm water, for this we need 7 mins If will be a long wait, can not mask, and jelly for the hair.

Having obtained the necessary consistentiy, pour in half the liquid 2 in the tank. In one of them add the shampoo, a ratio of 1:1, about 50 g.

Tip! It is better to use baby or organic shampoo.

The resulting mass stir thoroughly, and apply to dry hair before shampooing. The roots must not touch. Then wrap hair with plastic bag and top with a warm towel.

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Important! to shampoo and gelatin were in equal proportions, if gelatin is more, the hair can become overly brittle.

After 40 min. going to wash my hair, but without the addition of shampoo. Also, the shampoo that we inflicted on the hair will be enough. You need to remove the towel, the package, and hands as if to wash her hair, as we usually do. After a very good opolaskivaniem hair with warm water.

Important! The winner of the curly hair – do not worry, after the procedure, your hair will not change.

You washed your hair, clean hair, wet. Then take a towel and thoroughly Pat dry the hair, without rubbing.


Take your favorite hair conditioner, and again combine equal amount of balm and gelatin. It is very important that the balm was not less than gelatin in order to avoid the opposite effect, and this is hair breakage.

You can also add 1 teaspoon of oil of wheat germ, almond oil or avocado oil – the most useful oil for the hair.

Mix thoroughly and apply this balm on your hair completely, but without affecting the roots. If your hair is thick – comb large comb.

Again, hair should be wrapped with polythene and warm towel. Walk around with this mask for at least 40 min, to 2 hours, and a simple wash with warm water.

Don’t give then any money, just blow dry hair without a Hairdryer, neatly combing.

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In the end you get gorgeous hair like in the commercials.

P. S These masks can be saved and for later use, well-closing cover. Store in a cool dark place for 2-3 months.


What day need to get a haircut

That hair should be cut during the waxing moon, heard, probably, everyone, but the evidence of this will not. However, astrologers point out that in the lunar calendar all-taki it is necessary to look, and called the most important “no” for any manipulations with hair:

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когда стричься нельзя

9th, 15th, 23rd and 29th days of the lunar calendar, because in this period the body’s defenses are very weak, and together with the cut off hair ends, you can lose your energy. So experts recommend to be patient and to avoid modifications of the haircuts in these days;

cut hair yourself – it is said, therefore, man intrudes in his aura, and somehow violates it. This can lead to various diseases;

cutting hair in the days of lunar and solar eclipses: natural disasters can have a very negative impact on the hair in the future — the once thick and lush head of hair will quickly turn into a pathetic parody, but to improve her condition will be very difficult;

to perform any haircut, if the Moon is in the constellations Cancer and Pisces: the hair will start to fall heavily, grow poorly, and lose the luster and splendor;

hair cut on Sunday – it is always unfavorable day for any manipulations with hair.

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стричь волосы

In the lunar calendar are very good for this 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and the days from 26 th to 28-th.

Highly recommended to get a haircut in those days, when the Moon passes through these constellations: Virgo, Taurus, Leo, Libra and Capricorn. To find out what days in each month, you need to buy yourself an astrological calendar.

If we talk about the days of the week, some astrologers believe:

MONDAY a very good day for haircuts. To go to the wizard in the first day of the week is recommended for those who want to dismiss the bad thoughts and clear your mind.

TUESDAY is favorable that in place with hair cut you get from Blues and depression.

Haircut in the ENVIRONMENT might have been good for ladies who crave for bright emotions, pleasant and unexpected meetings, and preparing for the journey.

THURSDAY is a day filled with magic, so it could not be better suited for a change of hairstyle. In addition, the haircut on Thursday will help to attract success and to improve relationships with others.

FRIDAY afternoon astrologers believe that when a person’s life attract new emotions and new events, so those girls who want to make drastic changes in your appearance, you should apply it to the hairdresser on Friday.

If the haircut is scheduled for SATURDAY, your hair will say “thank you”, because they will become healthier and stronger.

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But SUNDAY is considered a very unfavorable day for any action with the hair, whether it be swift or painting. Astrologers believe that this day is very high risk to lose good luck and prosperity, so I advise all the girls on the last day of the week not to get a haircut.

You can get an astrological calendar to calculate an auspicious time for haircuts, and you can just rely on the experienced and light touch in the wizard, you decide..

Correction of mimic wrinkles with the help of Mesobotox

Meso-Botox is a neologism used to denote a method for injection administration of botulotoxin different from classic treatments Botox some characteristic features. If to argue philosophically, we can say that this process of the aestheticization of the effect the toxin has on a person’s appearance.


The contents

  • Particularities of the procedure
  • Testimony
  • The procedure
  • The main cases of application

Correction of mimic wrinkles with the help of Mesobotox appeared first on Women’s magazine Lady Madonna.

Olive hair mask

Оливковые маски для волосOlive hair mask is a good remedy for hair care. For several centuries, olive oil is used in cosmetology. It returns the health and beauty of hair. Olive oil: perfectly cleanses the skin from dead cells, improves skin breathing and stabilizes the sebaceous glands. That is why using olive oil as a hair mask, you can forget the dandruff, increase hair growth, restore hair softness and Shine.

Olive oil contains a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins required for hair growth. Classic olive hair mask consider warmed olive oil. It is rubbed into the roots, and the remaining part distributed over the length of the hair. Olive oil goes well with foods that are part of the most moisturizing and nourishing masks.

How to choose olive oil for mask.

Today, there are a sufficient number of counterfeit olive oil. To distinguish real olive oil is easy if you follow a few simple rules:

  1. Note the color of olive oil is present the oil should be greenish–yellow.
  2. Olive oil is a flavor of fresh olives.
  3. Pay special attention to the cost, ever virgin olive oil will have prices of sunflower, with the cost of olive oil will be several times more.

The highest quality olive oil is oil which is created from the first cold pressing. Even if You don’t intend to use it for cooking, but only to apply in cosmetic purposes, it is better to choose this oil. Thus, it is possible to achieve one hundred percent efficiency of the mask.

Olive hair mask.

Olive hair mask is great for all hair types. Dry hair, restoring and nourishing the structure and oily hair after this mask longer will be clean, since oil removes the dead cells of the scalp and stabilizes the sebaceous glands. This mask is necessary to do only two times in one month. For damaged hair olive mask can be done every week, alternating with other moisturizing and restorative masks.

Olive hair mask with henna.

If You want to strengthen the hair and restore their structure, you need four times a month to use this mask: 1 tablespoon of colorless henna, is thoroughly mixed with the same amount of olive oil to the mixture is added to egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of brandy. The mask is applied to the hair roots, and after is distributed along the entire length. This mask is applied for one hour and washed off.

Olive hair mask with jojoba oil.

Olive mask with jojoba oil not only moisturizes dry hair, but also prevents breakage and makes them silky and shiny. Take olive oil and jojoba oil in a ratio of 1:1, pre-heat the resulting mixture, and then spread the mask through the hair, starting from roots. You need to insulate your head and leave this mask on for one hour, after the hair is washed with shampoo.

Olive hair mask with egg yolk.

For slow-growing and weak hair fit this mask — 30 grams of olive oil mixed with two egg yolks. The resulting mask is applied on hair for half an hour and wash out with warm water.

Olive hair mask with lemon juice.

Olive hair mask with lemon juice stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. You need to mix 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tsp of lemon juice. The mixture is heated to 40 degrees in a water bath. Mask rubbed into the hair roots, after you need to wrap your head with plastic and wrap with a towel. The mask leave on for three hours, after wash the hair with shampoo. You may also like the hair mask from yogurt.

Many other efficient masks for hair, You will be able to find on the pages of our website. Before using these masks, make sure that You have no contraindications to their use.


It is not a secret that Pets often make our lives better. Cats are perfectly able to relieve stress, comfortably purring on our lap, your dog’s playful behavior can instantly lift your mood…

But not only this is good for people content a pet in the house or in the apartment. For a child, like the parents are not rested, is very often vital to have a pet.

The reasons for this can be hundreds, but probably the most important — it is a faithful friend who is always there, it’s a living creature that will teach your child responsibility, this is the same method to remove stress, do not think that in children it does not happen. What kind of animal it is best to keep in the house? The answer to this question is one which you can actually choose to buy consciously, so it doesn’t end up on the street as unnecessary.

For example, sold by a Guinea pig in — it will be a great friend and a wonderful companion for a child, which does not require special care.

Морская свинка

If your child has long wanted a pet, try to offer him as a variant of the Guinea pig, if you don’t want or are afraid that the dog will be no one to walk, and the cat can be fierce.

Anyway, before you buy a pet, make sure that you really are able to love him with all faults as he is ready to love and give affection to you.

Procedure camouflage gray hair
With ammonia or without: what hair dye to choose?


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краска с аммиаком

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Until recently, all that was paints on the market – it’s henna, Basma and ammonia paint. Choice in women was not, therefore, aggressive ammonia in the form in which it was ten years ago, ruined not just one hair.

Actually, what is ammonia?

This gas, which easily dissolves in water, forming an alkaline ammonium hydroxide. Therefore, the paints are done in different ways- with ammonium or ammonia. It’s the same thing.

This substance PH 11.5, which allows as to force open the cuticle layer of scaly hair and “spend” into the hair color pigment. Ammonia like usherusher hair. This way provides persistent hair coloring and rich color.

Ammonia paint tend to last long on the hair, perfectly painted gray hair and all. The benefits of such colors end and begin disadvantages.

Ammonia is a very toxic element and penetrating the hair and the skin pores, it enters the body.

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INTERESTING: a Couple of years ago in Britain, there was a dreadful case where the girl struck the paint at home… and went into a coma. Turns out she was allergic to ammonia.

THEREFORE: Before experiment, it is necessary to carry out cutaneous the text and to see the reaction of your body.

Also paint with ammonia have big disadvantage – they penetrate deep into the hair and alter its structure. As well as the PH of the paint is very high, it will damage the sebaceous glands of the scalp, and the hair will eventually become dry and brittle.

In addition, ammonia affects the melanin (a protein, it is responsible for natural hair color) and each subsequent staining ammonia paint will give a new color.


красскака без аммиака

Many women who are dissatisfied with the condition of your hair after coloring, start looking for an alternative to ammonia colors. As harmless henna and Basma are not suitable for everyone, at the forefront of fashion contact lenses colors.

They have a number of advantages:

Firstly, due to the absence of ammonium and a reduced content of peroxide, the hair pigment is practically destroyed. Therefore, the color change is painless, and you can always manage to return to their natural hair color.

Secondly, the paint is applied evenly, there is no difference in the shades after dyeing, as it happens after the ammonia colors.

I use mostly paint is good for toning.

Thirdly, the hair is not dry, they are moistened, cast natural sheen, have a natural appearance.

And, fourthly, the paint when applied has a sharp odor.

However, bleaching powder paint is not that contact lenses. Since the ammonium in them are just replaced by other chemical compounds. Such as ethanolamine, resorcinol which diaminophenol, methylthymol and other parabens.

These substances are not much better than ammonia for its harmful effects on the hair.

Also bleaching powder paints have a number of other disadvantages:

They are much less to stay on the hair and are gradually washed away during each wash. In 6-7 times there is a chestnut color from brown and yellow blonde.

Also bought this spray is ineffective against gray hair, and she can not cope with the lightening of the dark hair one or two times.

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кератин для волос

keratin hair restoration

Go talk to the Barber. It will determine what your hair type, what would fit him, tell me how to color gray and how to care.

Do not experiment with colors, especially with ammonia. If the wallet allows, buy organic paint. It ammonia and its derivatives ingredients prohibited for use.

And more! Don’t forget to properly care for your hair after colouring. As between the scales appears empty, it must be filled with silicone and polymer. For this there are procedures such as lamination and keratin hair restoration. So you keep the moisture in your hair and a healthy appearance.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud is a drug that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory effects, is used for mud therapy.

Composition and production form

Is made in the form of a plastic paste is homogeneous, may be black or dark gray in color, salty taste with a characteristic odor of sulfur. Produced in packs of 250, 600 or 1000 mg.

The composition of Dead Sea Mud enriched with active ingredients – salts, minerals, trace elements and biological active components.

The liquid phase composition is similar to water from the Dead sea, forms the rigid shape crystal mud skeleton.

Existing indications for

  • Trophic ulcers;
  • Diseases and consequences of injuries of the nervous and the peripheral nervous system, including the secondary (which arose on the background of osteoarthritis) and primary (toxico-infection) sciatica, polyneuritis, plexitis, jade (subacute and chronic);
  • Diseases and consequences of traumas of the nervous system (upon completion of the acute course), including myelitis, encephalopathy, meningoencephalitis;
  • ENT diseases (chronic form), including subatrophic and atrophic processes in the nose and throat, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, tonsillitis in the stage of compensation, inflammatory diseases of the ear;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis (traumatic, degenerative, infectious, acute stages of dying and in chronic cases), osteomyelitis, which takes place with no signs of activity of inflammatory processes;
  • Diseases of the skin, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis (outside the acute stage), eczema in the chronic form.

Грязь Мертвого Моря

Contraindications to the appointment

Dead Sea mud is contraindicated to use in such cases:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Jaundice, liver cirrhosis;
  • Mental illness, including progressive paralysis, epilepsy, neurosis severe forms;
  • Kidney disease and urinary tract;
  • Diabetes, occurring in severe forms, the unworthiness of circulation 2 and grade 3, severe form of atherosclerosis;
  • Diseases blood-forming organs and blood;
  • Tumors (both benign and malignant);
  • The inflammation during a flare-up;
  • Hypersensitivity to the funds;
  • Patient age older than 65 years of age (which is allowed according to the testimony of the local procedures with a small amount of applique).

Dosage and method of application

In order to select the type of mud, you need to examine the form of the disease, its localization, stage and phase of pathological process, the presence of patient comorbidities and age.

It is also important to take into consideration that the application tools and footprint can have a different therapeutic effect.

Of an application, superimposed on the so-called reflex zones (shoulder and pelvic girdle, some parts of the upper and lower extremities, especially foot and hands) due to irritation of these areas can cause many changes in the organs associated with the autonomic spinal segments and genitalia of the brain spinal cord.

Usually intensive method is prescribed to the patients of young age. Highly effective mud treatments for reducing the severity of acute joint pain, weight loss (in obese patients), rapid recovery of functions. Women is designated as a natural anti-cellulite products. Procedure a half hour duration shall be conducted at a temperature of mud from 40 degrees to 42, duration – 5 procedures. At the same time between each treatment should take a break of two or three days.

Грязь Мертвого Моря назначение

Patients with inflammatory diseases, diseases of the Central nervous system, the reflex areas are usually prescribed gentle method. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, the procedure is performed through the day. The course is 15 procedures, the temperature of the mud should be between 38 degrees to 40.

Dependent on the testimony allowed the application of mineral mud on the whole body (do wrap), locally on painful and problematic areas, muscles and joints, as well as masks to eliminate dandruff and to strengthen the hairline.

Common mud of procedure is used in order to speed up the process exchanged, to detoxify, reduce excess volume and weight, rejuvenation of the whole body, skin, as well as to eliminate fatigue, stress, muscle tension, chronic fatigue. In order to hold a General mud treatments use mud, the temperature of which becomes 40-42.

Thanks to the mud strengthens the hair follicles and hair. Dirt with such an aim, applied to the hair roots and along the entire length, within a 2 min massage, then finished with a Terry towel wrap. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, after which the dirt with shampoo and warm water wash.

Side effects

When using Dead sea Mud does not develop any side effects.

Грязь Мертвого Моря побочные эффекты

Special instructions

Before you can use, as well as the manifestation of atypical reactions, one should immediately consult the doctor.

Interactions with other medicines

There is no information about interaction with other medications.


Dead Sea mud should be stored in a place inaccessible to children.

Not teeth, but do not grow! How to speed up hair growth?

So there are three phases.

4 5 1

почему не растут волосы

The first phaseanagen – this is the longest period of formation of hair follicles – 2 years. After anagram is the rest period and the end of growth, the catagen phase, which lasts only 2-3 weeks. And the third phase telogenhair loss of hair.

And in order for hair to grow well, should not disrupt their cycle, and especially the active growth phase.

Per month hair growth is approximately 1 to 1.5 cm, and sometimes 2-2. 5 cm

They are constantly updated: drop obsolete (50-120 hairs daily), and in their place begin to grow new ones.


чтобы волосы не выпадали

Not a secret that hair growth is influenced by many factors: genetics, healthy psychological condition, proper nutrition, ecology , and others. First of all, you need to learn to relax your body, exercise, avoid depression, stress, chronic lack of sleep.

Drinking alcohol and Smoking also not help us.

As for food, experts suggest to add in your diet foods rich in vitamins b, C, E, A, K: nuts, cabbage, citrus fruits, dairy products, beef etc.

For example, nuts include vitamins b, E and protein. Cabbage in addition to vitamins, rich in phosphorus, potassium, sodium.

Citrus fruits grant the body With vitamin C, which protects hair follicles from damage and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Milk and dairy products stimulate the growth of hair (calcium, vitamins b 12, K).

A regular consumption of beef strengthens hair and stimulates their growth (zinc and vitamin A ). Also don’t underestimate the benefits of fruits and vegetables, use of oil – olive oil, Flaxseed.

It is also very important to drink sufficient amount of water.

IMPORTANT! In addition to the food, you should pay attention to physical and chemical trauma exposure: drying, hair styling irons, coloring and perming. It has a negative effect on hair growth, so if you have a serious desire to grow hair, you have to sacrifice something and to look for alternatives.


маски для роста волос

To achieve faster result, you can also apply a hair mask.

There is a great mask with the addition of red feathersTSA: 2 tbsp. l. tincture of red pepper (or dried pepper), water, and burdock oil, mix and RUB into the scalp. Then wrap head with a warm towel and leave for 40-60 minutes.

This mask can be done 2 times a week.

Perfectly stimulates hair growth and fungi. One of the ways of its application: in hot water to dissolve the powder or mustard together with burdock, in a ratio of 3:1:1. Then add the egg yolk, tablespoon of sugar and mix thoroughly. Leave the mixture on the roots for 20-30 minutes, wrapping your head with a towel, then rinse.

Also good and the onion mask, but it has one drawback – after application, an unpleasant odor from the hair may remain for several days.

So the recipe is: the juice of 1 onion, add 1 teaspoon of dry yeast, a tablespoon of burdock oil and 2 tablespoons of hot water. Mush you need to hold in a warm place for 15-20 minutes, then apply to hair and leave for 1 hour.

TIP! In order to eliminate the smell, head after the mask is rinsed with water with lemon juice.

You can also use masks, which are based on various vegetable oils. Vegetable oil of any origin is a strong stimulant of hair growth. Most often used burdock, sunflower or olive oil. The content of such masks, you can add vitamins a And E (they are sold in the pharmacy).