How to protect hair in cold season

Autumn has arrived, which means it’s time to think about how to protect your tresses from the negative effects of cold wind, frost and other weather conditions, characteristic for the cold time of year. Moreover, in this period quite often there are various hair issues: hair loss, excessive dryness of the scalp, dull and untidy curls on and so forth. All because of a weakened immune system, which manifests itself in the off-season is not only cold, but also that such cosmetic defects. Therefore, the arrival of cold weather to prepare in advance to avoid hair problems in the future. About which methods will help you keep your hair alive, shiny and healthy, we will tell in our article.

Tip one: fortification of hair

The health of our body depends entirely on correct nutrition. If you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny in the cold season, it is sure to enrich your diet with vitamins A, C, b, E, and D. All of them are contained in fruits and vegetables and also in grains, especially sprouted, which can be consumed on an empty stomach with yogurt or just. After a month of regular consumption of such products you will see how transformed your hair.

Tip two: proper protection

For each season our tresses need special cosmetics. Protect your hair in cold weather will help the therapeutic shampoos, masks and special oils that are rubbed into the scalp. Once a week, pamper your hair with oil wraps or cooked according to national recipes for a hair mask. You can simply add to their usual cosmetic remedies a few drops of essential oils. Such procedures will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on hair, will protect them from the cold and temperature changes.

Tip three: water treatment

Wash your head with warm water, but in any case not hot. Otherwise the scalp will become greasy. In addition, due to the wearing of headgear curls dirty faster, so the head must be washed more often. It is best for these purposes, pick a gentle shampoo with vitamins and other elements, which strengthen and retain moisture in your hair. Additionally it is recommended to apply the serum to the strands, which forms a protective film on them and protects the hair from various troubles.

After washing be sure to use conditioners that detangle hair. In addition, they help to reduce the electrification of hair, which often happens due to increased dryness of the air in the room.

Tip four: “it’s in the bag”

Despite the fact that, in the opinion of many cosmetologists, wearing a headdress promotes rapid contamination of hair and disrupts their breathing, to abandon caps in the cold season it is impossible. To go bareheaded in the cold is not permissible. It threatens not only cold, but hypothermia of hair follicles, whereby the hair will begin to fall. If you don’t want to wear a hat, throw on a hood or scarf.

Tip five: hair styling

It is important to know that in winter the hair is already suffering from increased dryness of the air in the room, so try not to “load” to heat styling. If you use a Hairdryer, choose a gentle treatment with warm or even cool air. A better — dry your curls in a natural way. In addition, minimize the contact of hair with flat irons and Curling irons. During the application of such devices must apply on curls heat tool.

As you can see, much difficulty in hair care in the cold season there. All you have to do is give them a little attention and to monitor their health. After all, when our body is healthy, the curls reflect brilliance, power and beauty.

Good luck to you!

Especially for Ira Romani

How to restore hair after the cold weather: the 4 life hack

4 5 1

Freezing temperatures, wind, dry air and lack of vitamins are the main reasons why hair is difficult to tolerate the winter, and bringing in early spring often are not encouraging their owners. To remedy the situation, just follow the simple rules.

Put staining

окрашивание волос

If you see that the hair is weakened, put out a coloring procedure in a few weeks. So, experts believe that in the beginning you need to exert maximum effort in order to restore the head of hair, and only to achieve this result, go to color change. It should be noted that in this case, it is best to contact the salon to the proven master, as any manipulation of the hair should be as careful. And, speaking frankly, to properly dye the damaged hair at home not everyone can.

Go to oil

After freezing temperatures and dry air you will come to the aid of the oil. Once a week apply coconut oil on the length of the hair, then, wrap them in plastic wrap, and top with a towel. After an hour wash off the mask with shampoo. Notice that the shampoo for washing away the oil masks should be well cleanse the hair, but at the same time to be soft.

If your hair doesn’t like coconut oil, to use oil masks, avocado oil or almond oil — they also work great with hair.

Use professional cosmetics

When the hair is weakened, they can not save. So, use the daily care tools from professional brands. If the budget does not allow you to buy a whole line of products, just drink at least a mask, as this product will be more other to respond for the recovery.

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To restore the hair, stop your choice on a nourishing mask for the hair. It is best if in addition to synthetic components, it will also natural oils. Apply the product on wet clean hair, wrap a hot towel. After 15 minutes, wash away with water.

To mask worked better, before its application, clean hair with extra moisture.

My hair is sulfate-free shampoo

Regardless of your preference in choosing a shampoo in the recovery period give preference to products that do not contain sulfates. The thing is that these shampoos gently cleanse hair and scalp without exacerbating the problem of dryness. It is also very important not to lather all of your hair, and be confined to the scalp. So, soapy water is enough to wash the hair.

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Sulfate shampoos leave to use every 7-10 days for deep cleansing the scalp and hair.


How long keep hair extensions, or what method is better

If you decide to use the service of hair extensions, you probably wonder: how long will hold these curls on your head? Experts say that the duration of operation of hair extensions depends on several reasons. Firstly, a big role in wear hair plays such technology, which carried out the procedure. Second, much depends on the quality of the strands themselves. If you have used “cheap” materials for hair extensions, their lifespan is about two months. In the process of caring for these curls raises a number of challenges: they go awry, bad fit, fall. However, if it was based on good hair quality, then you can wear them for more than three months, after which you must make a correction. Has lost form curls tidy and re-attach to the roots, which during this time has significantly grow.

Be aware that if you tape hair extensions strands are held up to six months. But provided that the work was done by a qualified technician. After removing hair extensions your hair will need extra care, so you have to use a nourishing and revitalizing mask. To see how much hold artificial hair, you need to start to learn how they are fixed.

Today beauty salons offer a make capacity for Italian, Spanish, English methodology, as well as using metal clips. Let us consider them in detail.

Italian technology

This technique is considered to be the most forgiving to date, since the capacity of the locks is carried out by using capsules of keratin. Contact them with the hair safer. The keratin is heated and formed into capsules, and then attach to the roots of native hair and “sealed” with a special apparatus. In the process of increasing up to 120 use of artificial strands. Wear time is 4 to 6 months.

British technology

In this capacity strands attached to the roots of native locks by using keratin resin basis. The length of your hair should be up to 10 cm Foci of attachment is virtually invisible, as they hide the “native” hair. Wearing such strands can be extended to 4 months.

Spanish technology

In the process of this procedure in the wizard to hair extensions use a special adhesive. Mostly Spanish technology offer owners of light hair, because the adhesive has a white color and on the dark strands can be very noticeable. The life of such curls is about 4 months.

Metal clips

This kind of hair extension is also called cold, because in the process of creating artificial length do not use glue or keratin. Strands are attached with clips which are also easily removable. The advantage of this method lies in the fact that such hair have different color variations, so will suit any hair color. Wearing hair extensions on the metal clips can be up to 4 months without correction.

You should know that the period of operation of graft strands in most cases depends on the quality of natural hair, the professionalism of the master, uniqueness of the artificial curls and engineering of their attachment. Considering all these factors, then you can wear beautiful long hair, you can absolutely no problems for four months. Then you need to visit the master again and make the correction. Despite the fact that this procedure is quite expensive, it justifies itself in full. After correction hair looks great. However, experienced stylists recommend after the removal of extension strands to make a small break to give time for native hair to recover and be fed by force. Weeks will be enough, and then you can re-visit the wizard.

Note that many Actresses and pop stars are years of graft strands that are virtually indistinguishable from natural hair. However, they make a break between adjustments, to preserve the health of native Bush. In addition, the star girls will never trust your hair to a layman. We recommend you not to save on beauty and the capacity to do curls only on skilled craftsmen hairdressing.

Good luck!

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How to give Shine to hair at home

When hair loses Shine, it means that they are attenuated, lose health. This often happens in spring as a consequence of vitamin deficiency, prolonged lack of oxygen, unfavorable weather conditions. But can easily be solved by applying simple and available means. The luster of the hair will come back if armed with useful information and practically apply it.

Healthy hair always have a homogeneous structure. Their keratin scales to each other snug. Of course, direct from nature hair look more shiny than curly, frizzy. The gloss is more noticeable on dark hair than on light.

Why hair ceases to be shiny? This happens due to the deficiency of vitamins, reduced circulation in the scalp, the negative impact of hot air. Cheap chemical paint also health your hair will not give as hard water. Suffering from hair and bathing in the sea, the pool.

For giving Shine to hair their structure it is first necessary to align. And the first helpers in this mask, the air conditioning system. They close the keratin scales, facilitate combing. Such restorative hair products are selected individually, taking into account their type. For example, on dry hair to add Shine hydrating preparations with aloe Vera, oils of marine algae. If the luster of the hair lost as a result of coloration, you need cosmetics with minerals, lipids, amino acids. In the composition it should be rosemary, chamomile, coconut, soy protein, and jojoba oil. Even the presence of the above components in the composition of shampoos a big “plus” that allows you to restore the radiance of hair. But if after this skincare to use more and regular air-conditioner, the desired effect will increase.

Proven itself to restore silkiness and Shine hair serum. They have nourishing and shielding effects applied to a dry or slightly damp hair.

If you do not want to buy ready store-bought remedies for the recovery of the hair, you can use these recipes of traditional medicine:

  1. Oil +vitamins. Take 50 grams of olive oil, add 3-4 capsules Aevitum, a little pinch of red pepper, stir, apply on pre-washed hair. First massage healing composition in the roots and then distribute on all length of hair. No need to wrap hair. Rinse after 40 minutes with shampoo. A course of treatments is 10 masks in a day.
  2. Yolk + honey. Separate the yolks of the two eggs from the whites, add two tablespoons of slightly warmed honey, pour a little essential oil of orange or lemon, put on hair for 40-60 minutes. The procedure should be repeated every other day or three times a week to restore the Shine of hair.
  3. Aloe + nettles. Prepare an infusion of three tablespoons of dried nettle, cups of boiling water. Soak the grass an hour, strain, add the juice of two leaves of agave and massage into a clean scalp, distribute on all length of hair. Wrap a towel. Wash off after an hour. Do such procedures 2-3 times a week.
  4. Oil wraps. Such manipulation not only your hair back the former quality, and significantly strengthen. Mix equal proportions of olive, almond, burdock or castor oil. Heat them a little, RUB into the scalp after washing it. Next, spread the oil composition across the length of the hair and wrap. You can keep it for an hour and then wash off with shampoo, but you can leave overnight for best effect. Four to five such procedures will be sufficient for the resumption of Shine hair.

In order to further it looked great, we should listen to the advice of experts and not to abuse the means for stacking, use a little less of a Hairdryer, drink enough fluids, use shampoos for your hair type. Will help keep hair shiny regular combing wooden massage brush; add to shampoo a few drops of olive oil; rinse with chamomile and nettle; weekly use of masks.

Experienced masters are also recommended to nourish hair and give them Shine from the inside. For this fit special vitamin supplements, for example, in the form of kelp tablets.

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How to remove hair extensions at home

If you are asking this question, you probably are in a situation when you need very urgently to remove naroscheny strands, but circumstances do not allow you to use the services of professional masters. Don’t worry, after reading our publication to the end, you can gently and without any negative consequences to do this yourself, at home. Of course, the process of removing hair extensions is quite laborious, but to cope with this task, each of us is capable of. One thing to consider, is to rush in such a situation is impossible, otherwise you risk to lose our own locks. In addition, it is important to note that the technique of hair extension is not one, therefore, to every kind of procedure need a specific approach.

Chinese building

If you are the owner of such artificial tresses, you’re in luck — the removal of the strands will pass quickly enough. Given the fact that in this method the hair is attached by using metal, they are fairly easy to remove with nail scissors or tweezers for eyebrow correction. It is better if you will help a friend, as the back of the head to remove the strands is quite difficult.

Tape capacity

Such an artificial strand is also easily removable at home. For this you will need the Hairdryer and alcohol. So, with the help of hot jet dryer space heat bonding of the strands and slowly remove them, then treating the root end of the curl with a special fluid or regular alcohol.

French building

This type of hair are removed very simply. The fact is that in this technique, the capacity-strands at the temples and the nape in a thin braid braids, then sew them to a hair piece. To disconnect the artificial locks from home, you simply undo the braids, on which they were recorded.

Hot hair extensions

Italian or English method of attaching artificial strands is that they are attached to the family with small resin beads, which in turn heats up the special forceps. Such capsules are composed of keratin. With the help of special fluid to lubricate keratin beads, wait a few minutes until they soften, and remove the artificial strands. To buy such a solution from the store which specializiruetsya on sale hair extensions. However, if you are not able to buy a special liquid, it easily can be replaced with a mask for dry and brittle hair. Apply the mask on slightly damp hair, cover head with cling film and wrap a warm towel. By the way, olive or burdock oil well soften the keratin capsules, and artificial hair are easily removable.

Another way to remove such a graft of hair — using a hair dryer or Curling iron curls. However, this method is often keratin remains on the hair, so it have to remove with oil or mask. Glue residue can comb a comb with frequent teeth.

Some girls remove hair, extensions Italian or English method, with the help of rubbing alcohol. First, the liquid is applied to the capsule, wait 20 minutes until the keratin will soften, and then with the help of pliers remove the artificial strand.

Spanish building

If your curls are attached by cold technology, you can remove them with liquid acetone. Apply a small amount on the attachment, wait 10 minutes and carefully remove naroscheny strands. After that, wash your head with mild shampoo and allow hair dry in a natural way.

Now you know how to remove hair extensions at home, with improvised tools. However, remember that such methods can damage the native structure of hair, causing them to become brittle and weak. So evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of home treatments and think about the fact, wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend money on the services of the master, than to long and tedious to recover the “marketability” of his hair.

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Can I wash my hair every day

Many women want every day to look perfect. And since the appearance begins with the face and hair, and they wash their hair daily. Is this normal? No harm if a similar frequency of water treatments to our hair?

The effects of daily shampooing

Let’s start with the fact that every hair on our head is composed of keratin — the protein substance that gives it strength. In the structure of the hair calcium, phosphorus, zinc, water. Scalp secretes special secret — subcutaneous fat. He around each of our hair creates a protective layer that prevents aggressive action from outside. It makes the curls smooth.

When we my head, then the protective layer is simply washed off. Because even the most gentle shampoos are composed of aggressive elements. They destroy and protect hair. And beyond that water the procedure dries the skin especially if you wash it with hot water. In this situation, the subcutaneous glands begin to intensively restore security, highlighting the fat. As a result, the hair begins faster zhirnet. That’s a vicious circle. And if you accustom your hair to wash daily, then they really will be more intensively covered by skin fat. This is more about hair, prone to fat. But dry hair if you wash them often you can change your type to become fat.

That affect the oiliness of hair? It is the overall health of the person and his hormones. Frequent washing dry out the hair of some people and makes them greasy in others. Each of these States, of course, undesirable. After all dry hair — this deplorable condition of the scalp. And effects excessive dryness can be dandruff, breakage, split ends, hair loss.

Greasy hair is, above all, unsightly appearance, carelessness. They leave the host and hostess is not the best view. From the foregoing it must be concluded that it is undesirable to wash my hair every day. How often this should be done? The answer to the question depends on the type of hair. From the greasy nature should be washed every two or three days. Normal curls optimally expose the car wash once every 4-5 days. But dry hair will be quite cleansing once a week.

Struggling with fat hair

What to do when hair gets dirty most often? Daily washing because not solve the problem. Should his head be accustomed to normal water treatments. For this it is necessary to increase the intervals between washing. If you wash your hair every day, try doing it once in two days. Yeah, kind of hair would not be very attractive, but it can be corrected with hair. For example, a long tie in the tail, to wear the wrap, braid “cone”, and not to go with her, as usual.

Gradually, the hair will get used to this mode of washing. Yes, and you will not be so picky to look at the hair. And encourage normal regime of water treatments appropriate to your hair type.

The craftsmen in these cases suggest less touched by the hands of the head throughout the day. To be honest, we’re often revolve before a mirror, something we correct hands or just lost in thought, cherubim the tips. During the day we don’t wash our hands as often as required. It turns out that we ourselves contribute to greasy hair. So throughout the day be less to touch the hair several times to twist plait. Also, the master is advised not to abuse the mousses and other hair products, fixing hair. Whatever quality they may be, these tools are heavier and pollute the hair. It is recommended to use them less often, and on weekends do to give your hair a rest, the ability to breathe, not putting them in your hair. It is worth noting such factors impact on the oiliness of the hair as the water quality. For washing it is recommended to use aged water, boiled with the addition of soda. Do not wash hair with hot water, which also contributes to their high fat content. And cold water for such a procedure, too, should not be.

After applying the shampoo recommended to rinse hair decoction of herbs. Suitable chamomile and nettle, tansy. The rinsing fluid should be warm. I rarely use the dryer, try to make the hair dry in a natural way.

If such recommendations do not work, then perhaps the reason for the hair loss are internal diseases of the body. And without a comprehensive examination you will not be able to solve the problem.

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Hair mask from yogurt

Маски для волос из кефира Hair mask from yogurt, are the most affordable means for home hair care. Kefir contains many minerals and hair elements such as calcium and protein, which can effectively impact on the recovery of the hair structure. With the help of yogurt can be good to moisturize and soften dry hair. Yogurt it prevents hair breakage and prevents their loss. If You have dry hair, You just need to follow them using the masks from yogurt.

Hair mask from yogurt.

The simplest way to use yogurt for this purpose is lubricating them hair and roots. Then, you should wrap your head with cellophane and keep the mask in for an hour or longer. To wash away this mask you need to use shampoo. If You will regularly use kefir mask, soon your hair will become silky, manageable, and completely disappear dandruff.

Mask against hair loss from yogurt.

Very often, yogurt is used for the treatment of falling hair. To do this, it is possible to dissolve the brewer’s yeast, essential oil and mustard powder. If You want to increase the efficiency of yogurt, you can add one of these ingredients: mustard, yolk, pepper tincture, honey, burdock oil, brandy, onion juice, decoction of medicinal herbs, etc.

Recipe mask for oily hair yogurt.

Composition: 1 tablespoon dry mustard, 150 ml of yogurt, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon almond oil, 1 teaspoon honey, few drops of essential oil (lemon, rosemary, etc.). Thoroughly mix all ingredients and apply on hair. On top wear a cap and keep the mask for 30 minutes. Mask is washed off with shampoo and warm water.

Mask for hair growth with yogurt and onions.

Take 1 onion and squeeze out the juice. The juice must be mixed with a Cup of yogurt. If you want, you can add the yolk and a teaspoon of burdock oil. Then apply the mixture on the hair and insulate the head and hold the mask on your head for hours. After that, the mask is well washed off with warm water. Onions and your hair will not smell be because yogurt neutralizes the smell.

Hair mask from yogurt and eggs.

Composition: half a glass of kefir, 1 teaspoon of castor oil and egg yolk. Mix ingredients mask, apply it on your hair and on your head wear a cap. The mask can be washed off with shampoo after an hour.

Mask for hair with nettle or burdock.

First, prepare a decoction of burdock root or nettles. The resulting broth should be mixed with equal parts of yogurt. Apply the composition to the hair and after an hour unable to wash it off. This mask is extremely well-accelerates hair growth and removes dandruff. We also recommend you to read the article a hair mask made from honey.

Many other equally effective masks for hair, You will be able to find on the pages of our website. Before using these masks, make sure that You have no contraindications to their use.

How to grow long hair: 4 life hack

4 5 1

The right comb

From quality combs depends 50% of success in the matter of sprouting hair. So, comb is the first device in the list, which damage the hair. Or rather, can damage. To avoid damage, choose quality comb brand, which has tender teeth and not confused hair. Various quality options you can choose from any professional brand, also be sure to pay your attention to the Tangle teezer.

Mask for dry hair

длинные волосы

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Hair masks are the most powerful stage of care. So, this product contains highest amount of nutrients, and this product nourishes, regenerates and strengthens the hair. Apply the mask on damp hair and not as stated in the abstract, and dry. At the same time, it is best to stand the tool on the hair for a few hours — this will improve the effect. To carry out such a procedure it 1 time in a week.

The rejection of the dryer and other gadgets

Sad as it may sound, but for long and healthy hair you have to give up styling instruments. We must admit that even with thermal protection (class mass-market), frequently teasing ruin your hair making them drier and contributing to split ends. Without a Hairdryer if you can’t — choose only professional brands of thermal protection that will guarantee the result.

Sulfate-free shampoos

Another secret of long hair — use a sulfate-free shampooth. So, they carefully apply to hair, don’t dry them, while making clean. In addition, the continuous use of sulfate-free shampoos rarely allows you to wash your hair as normal level of sebum. And, this in turn means you’re less likely to style your hair, and are also less likely to contact with water, which in our country also affects the dryness of the hair.


The 2016 trend: how to wear pink hair

5 5 1

Pink hair, whether it’s shade on light hair, or full color, make the image unusual and very romantic. It should be noted that such a coloring is possible only for very light hair from nature or bleached hair. At the same time, the intensity of the colors will quickly wash out. To avoid this, use between colouring toning salves or special shampoos.

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We emphasize also that pink hair looked well-groomed and hydrated, use and care for them, only professional products.

Pink hair color to a greater extent suitable for girls with a cold type of appearance.


Horse shampoo for hair with keratin: the whole truth from A to z (the experiment of the magazine you Want)

4 5 1

We are sincerely happy that we were able to help our readers find so useful as shampoo for hair. But after a while, our editors began to fill up with letters – wrote to the editors commented in social networks and all kinds caused us to feedback – they say what are you doing, palming off false facts about horse shampoo for hair growth, arguing that the use of veterinary means to people is undesirable. But the essence was that one of our subscribers that have used a conditioning shampoo for horses, got incredibly cool, others not at all.

So, Hope wrote that after the second time “obesulus from hair loss”, Asking “I have this shampoo there are many dandruff”, and Ian – that photo in the article is inaccurate and the horse Force “Horsepower” – which really should be applied, gives the result!

I thought we, I thought, puzzled and decided to conduct an experiment. Gathered a few of our acquaintances, each of whom gave this shampoo for growth and strengthen the hair stamps 1 – Horsepower (after checking the expiration dates and condition of packaging to carry around, and the contents of the vial on the presence/absence of sediment, of stratification and normal smell).

Important! We’ll say the brand name, Horsepower, because our article is not promotional in nature.

Friends for collecting feedback about the shampoo for hair Horsepower we picked up on 2 principles:

1. Decided that the dependence of the result was those who had their natural hair color of those who wore makeup.

2. Then, we selected people age – is not for us to explain to you that the structure of the hair 20-year-old girls are not comparable with a woman over 50.

3. And a separate item put honesty.

In the course of the experiment with a horse shampoo, we realized that not all participants will exactly comply with our proposed schemes, be responsible and honest.

So, here are the lucky who’ll try and share their reviews about Horse force – shampoo for hair:

Elmira, 26 years old, the shock of red dyed hair. Twisted. Dryish to the touch. Split ends no.

Tatiana, 32 years old, natural light brown hair to her waist; thick, dense, tips here and there whipped.

Olga Petrovna, 45 years, short dyed hair, tight, elastic, well keep their shape

Alla Nikolaevna, 73 years old, short hair, its color, some gray, sometimes painted, but not regularly. The condition of the hair is good.

Zhanna Ivanovna 85 years – fully gray hair, brittle, rare, yellow

Шампунь для волос лошадиная сила для укрепления волос

Alas, a larger number of girls up to 30 years to find it was extremely problematic – many were skeptical about our proposal to try non-human and horse shampoo with keratin. Some stated that they are quite satisfied with the brand that they are using at the moment – Yes, no clearly-expressed result, at least consistently. Bad, but stable. And another couple said that there is no time to engage in all sorts of experiments.

Thus we have 5 participants. And the task that we gave to our participants – in the course of the month to use only this shampoo Horsepower for hair, all ignorirovat balms, conditioners and masks.

On the first week snapped the first participant calling us with tears in eyes she said that whether we like it or not, and without a mask and hair spray, my curls she does not comb. We went to her appointment, noting that for particularly dry and damaged hair moisturizing & nourishing shampoo Horsepower will not be enough.

Moreover, all participants survived the month without ektsessov.

Шампунь для волос лошадиная сила для роста волос

Shampoo for hair Horsepower: customer reviews

And now, exactly 30 days, inviting them to our Studio, we’ve learned reviews about the effect of the use of shampoo for hair Horsepower real people :

Elmira, 26 years old, dyed red hair – overall, I am satisfied. Foams well, washes out after use, I noted a slight creaking. You know, when healthy hair strands as much as springs. That’s what I liked. Sorry uneconomical. Time to plant I had, squeezed a little on the palm, but it was still not enough.

>>Here’s the first puncture. The girl is not diluted shampoo in the recommended proportions. And her opinion for cleanliness of experiment we did not take.

Tatiana, 32 years old, a natural light grey hair – Very well. I caught myself thinking that I didn’t even feel the lack of balm. Hair is not tangled, lay the cap, at the roots was a good amount. The only thing – the smell. It is unusual for me, and packing as good attitude does not portend. Don’t know, I shorter. Mind realize that you see the result, I have many compliments to say, and whether I’ll buy it again, no doubt.

>>These are not! We really marveled at the girl receives a great effect, and doubts due to the fact that for her non-glamorous new scent and bottle.

Женский шампунь для волос лошадиная сила

Olga Petrovna, 45 years, short dyed hair

No, no, no. It was pure horror! My hair was so unruly, hard, heavy. But I’m a teacher, I need to look great, but here’s a Ales. I then shampoo and not every is suitable. I chose the one that is now on my shelf. But on the horse – never!

>>About itself, we noted that the hair of women has really changed. The form is not kept and although the color was healthy, still something wasn’t it

Alla Nikolaevna, 73 years old, short hair, your color

Great shampoo Horsepower, the smell did not bother-hair – like Shine after painting. See, I have a month as not painted, and everything is fine. From feels – like it ‘s a good shampoo. What I mean? Don’t even know, but when put in, can feel that hair is prettier. Although I know that the idea is any shampoo only cleanses, nourishes. Will continue to use it? By far. I liked it.

>> Yeah. First 5kA! Credit!

Zhanna Ivanovna 85 years – fully grey hair, dandruff, sparse: at first I liked the hair as if energy were filled, and then began to Grubel and fall become very hard and naughty – naked bald areas. So, sorry, but no. Again go for a delicate baby. So they are fine with me at 100

>>No comment.

Shampoo for hair Horsepower: reviews of doctors

We also learned the opinion of the doctor about the shampoo Horsepower for hair – Longus Natalia Ivanovna, senior lecturer of the Department of normal and pathological physiology of animals, Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy and chief technologist of OOO Ukrvybuhprom:

“I would recommend to pay attention to this shampoo – the composition is really very rich, full-bodied, comparable to a professional salon cosmetics. But here you need to understand that any overdose of the active substances will cause the same action as the immoderate consumption of vitamins – hypervitaminosis. And therefore, they need to use regularly, knowing that in undiluted condition, it is not just a cleanser, and medicine”

Summing up the results of the experiment, we came to the conclusion that:

1. For natural hair with a medium fat content and in good condition – shampoo conditioner Horsepower will find that confirmed participants Tatiana and Alla Nikolaevna.

2. For dry damaged hair – nourishing properties little. And if used in combination with balms – the effect is the same, and using regular shampoo. We leave at “0”. So, for this type of hair it is not suitable.

3. Grey, brittle and thin hair – do not extract anything useful from the friendship with a horse hair – here already there is an excess of power, whereby the hair do not stand and fall. For such hair is a tragedy, and so we also remove.

Конский шампунь для волос Лошадиная сила

The result? Horse shampoo, you can apply girls with normal condition natural hair, with no special problems in hair care.

Only then can the question – if they have it all well, what for they such a thing?