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Why after the first sex stomach hurts?

If after the first sex stomach hurts, in this situation do not worry, because the painful feeling caused by injury and trauma to the hymen that relates to the concept of the norm and goes on for 2-3 days. But in some cases, pain can be a symptom of serious pathology requiring medical attention.

Почему после первого секса болит живот?

What is considered the norm?

Why stomach pain after first sex? Most often it is caused by mechanical irritation of the mucous vaginal membranes and rupture of hymen. In addition to the physiological factors that trigger the development of pain syndrome may psychological unwillingness of the girls to join in an intimate relationship.

Fears, constraints and contribute to overexertion of the pelvic organs, which greatly increases the risks of irritation and traumatic injuries. In this case, much depends on the behavior of the partner. Slow and sensual, gentle sexual contact during defloration greatly reduce soreness, as if the very act of intercourse, and after it.

Such pain is moderate and disappear for 2-3 days. With each subsequent intimacy, provided a careful treatment of the partner, soreness will become less and soon disappear altogether.

Causes of pathological pain

Strong, pronounced pain syndrome after first sexual intercourse may indicate serious traumatic injuries. According to experts, provoke pathological pain after the first intimacy is capable of the following factors:

  • too large penis partner;
  • rough sexual contact;
  • introduction in the vaginal area foreign objects (e.g., sex toys).

When help is needed?

Immediately seek professional medical help is needed in that case, if after the first sexual contact, the girl has revealed the following disturbing symptoms:

  • strong pain, not passing for several days;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • induration of the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • fever;
  • vaginal discharge of purulent character.

These clinical manifestations may indicate strong discontinuities and other injuries that require immediate medical intervention.

Когда необходима помощь?

However, a gynecologist should go after deprivation of virginity even in the absence of suspicious symptoms to ensure that non-physiological damage, infectious process and pathology of the uterine cervix are excluded.

How to ease the pain?

If you experience discomfort after the first intimate contact, to alleviate their condition and reduce the pain you can use antispasmodic drugs such as Pepto, Combopass etc Good analgesic effect hot-water bottle applied to the area of the perineum and lower abdomen.

In the early days, try to avoid excessive physical exertion, intense athletic training, weight lifting, a new intimacy. For several days the condition should completely stabilize.

Pain in the lower abdomen after the first sex is a normal and widespread phenomenon that affects most women. But if the pain is acute and unbearable in nature and persists for 5-7 days and is accompanied by other worrying symptoms is a serious reason to consult a gynecologist.

Why, after the toilet a stomach ache?

Why, after the toilet a stomach ache? What has caused this phenomenon? Pain can act as a symptom pointing out the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It’s important to consider the nature of the pain and other related clinical signs.

Почему после туалета по большому болит живот?

In what diseases arise pain symptoms?

If the toilet stomach hurts, it may be caused by the following pathologies:

  • helminthiasis;
  • polyps;
  • neoplastic growths of benign or malignant origin, localized in the intestine;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • defeat of the mucous intestinal membranes.

Thus it is necessary to pay attention to exactly where localized pain. For example, spastic pain in the abdomen on the right often indicates appendicitis, pain spreading throughout the abdomen, characteristic of enteritis or severe food poisoning.

If, after the toilet hurts the lower abdomen is usually a symptom of hemorrhoidal disease, cracks, and damages straight intestine. Often patients present symptoms such as anal bleeding, spotting impurities in the stool, enlarged hemorrhoids.

The fair sex pain in lower abdomen after bowel movement often caused by gynecological diseases, inflammatory lesions of the ovaries, endometriosis.

Often stomach ache after toilet in women who recently became mothers. In this case, abdominal pain after bowel movement is a natural phenomenon, consequence of the labor activity and goes away after some time by itself.

Possible causes

Trigger abdominal pain after bowel movement can the following factors:

  • improper diet;
  • long adherence to a strict diet;
  • prolonged and uncontrolled use of certain drugs;
  • critical days the fair sex.

The pain syndrome is in any case alarming symptom, indicating the failures in the functioning of the digestive system.

When you need the help of specialists?

It is recommended to consult a doctor in situations when, in addition to pain symptoms in the abdomen after a bowel movement, there are the following disturbing symptoms:

  • frequent constipation;
  • diarrhoea, occasionally alternating with constipation;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • strong, pronounced pain syndrome;
  • the appearance in the stool and blood impurities;
  • a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel after defecation.

To make an accurate diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic course can only doctor after preliminary diagnostic examination.

How to get rid of the pain?

If the doctor did not reveal any pathological conditions, but after going to the toilet a stomach ache, then most likely unpleasant condition caused by irritation of the intestines.

The main treatment has to be prescribed by the attending physician individually. Moreover, you should pay attention to the following advice:

  • avoid stressful situations and emotional turmoil are negatively affecting the digestive tract;
  • take nutritional supplements that contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora and the digestive system;
  • the diet include in your diet foods rich in pectin and cellulose.

This integrated approach will help to get rid of abdominal pain after defecation in the shortest possible time.

When Smoking becomes deadly

For anybody not news that Smoking is one of the ways to harm your health and also people around you. One of the most dangerous pathologies arising on the background of Smoking are cancer.

Когда курение становится убийственным

Studies of the effects of tobacco smoke on the body are quite a long time and quite successfully. According to the latest data, according to “Russian newspaper”, in smokers with little experience there is still a chance of stopping dangerous changes in the cells, after a course of special therapy.

In the center of Oncology Sidney Kimmel researchers tried to find the answer to the question about the mechanism of carcinogenesis from cigarette smoke. It turned out, the epigenetic changes that come from cigarette smoke in the cells of lung tissues, correspond to the initial stage of cancer. Processes affect, in particular, on gene expression. But the major structural changes in DNA do not occur.

The researchers tried to clarify exactly when these changes (epigenetic) begin to take on a deadly form. And managed to find the answer to this question thanks to lab-grown bronchial cells.

Within 15 months these cells every day is treated with liquid analogs to tobacco smoke. Their dosage was equivalent to two packs of cigarettes smoked per day by the adult, and the duration of the experiment is equivalent to 20-30 years of Smoking.

The decrease in gene expression, which is the predecessor of DNA abnormalities were noted in the period between the tenth day and the third month. Next, the researchers recorded spikes in the level of protein concentration (DNMT1). In the case of suppression of gene activity began uncontrolled cell division, which invariably led to the formation of cancerous tumors in the lungs.

Рак легких

When artificially introducing a mutation in the gene that actually causes lung cancer (referred to as KRAS), as well as in the processing of the cells of the body respiratory system the tobacco smoke, the pathological changes that lead invariably to cancerous tumors, can be observed only after 15 months.

On the basis of these research experiments and it was concluded that to kill Smoking the body begins with 15 months of regular inhalation of nicotine smoke.

How to cook perch eggs in home – fry and add salt?

In Russia, pike caviar was considered a delicacy and incredibly tasty product. Most often, caviar is salted, resulting in amber snack. But modern Housewives learned to cook, jerk and even to freeze eggs. Today we will talk about how to cook perch eggs.

Flavorful appetizer to your table

If you have on the table was a catch in which there are pike, not in a hurry to get rid of the calf of this predator. It is possible to make a delicious and flavorful snack. Such eggs are served with sandwiches.

How to salt pike caviar? There are many options. Beginners in this case it is better to start with the simplest method, the so-called dry salting.

Как посолить щучью икру


  • 0,35-0,4 kg pike caviar;
  • 1 tablespoon fine-grained salt;
  • the onion;
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil refined.


  1. Carve the carcass pike, cleaned up the inside.
  2. Carefully take out the eggs.Аккуратно достаем икру
  3. Spread the caviar in a convenient bowl, deep bowl or plastic container.
  4. Sleep pike caviar salt.Засыпаем щучью икру солью
  5. Hands grind the eggs.
  6. Now armed with the dining room with a fork and whisk it thoroughly pike caviar. To separate the tape must be discarded.взбиваем ею тщательно щучью икру
  7. Knead until completely remove the film.Вымешиваем до тех, пока полностью не уберем пленку
  8. Cover the dish with caviar film for food products and 24 hours and placed in a cooling chamber.
  9. After the allotted time, add in eggs, sunflower refined oil.
  10. Cleaned onion and finely chop with a knife.
  11. Add chopped onion to the eggs.Добавляем нашинкованный лук в икру
  12. Again all mix well and remove again the eggs in a cooler for 24 hours.убираем икру в холодильную камеру на 24 часа
  13. The color of the finished pike caviar will change and become a rich amber.Цвет готовой щучьей икры изменится
  14. Prepare sandwiches with butter and salted pike caviar, served to the table.

Almost like shoplifting

And here’s another recipe pike caviar at home. This method of salting is a bit more complicated because of the processing of the product. To improve the taste besides the salt you can add aromatic herbs, condiments and spices at your discretion.

рецепт щучьей икры в домашних условиях


  • 1 liter of filtered water;
  • to taste refined sunflower oil;
  • 0,5-0,6 kg pike caviar;
  • 2 tbsp of salt.


  1. In a sturdy pan, pour filtered water.наливаем фильтрованную воду
  2. Add salt and stir it thoroughly.Добавляем соль и тщательно ее размешиваем
  3. Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boiling state.
  4. Pike caviar washed gently begin to RUB on a large grater.
  5. Strong pressure is not necessary, so as not to damage the eggs.Сильно надавливать не нужно, чтобы не повредить икринки
  6. This cooking life hack help us to get rid of excess film.быстро избавиться от лишней пленки
  7. Film we throw away, and clean the eggs put in a bowl.очищенную икру перекладываем в пиалу
  8. Meanwhile, salt water has begun to boil.
  9. In this water we offer pike caviar and stir thoroughly.В эту воду мы перекладываем щучью икру
  10. The eggs will settle to the bottom, and on the surface will appear foam, which should be removed.Икринки будут оседать на дно
  11. By the way, in this way we are more thoroughly wash the eggs, removing dirt particles.
  12. Like this leave pike caviar at room temperature for a quarter of an hour.оставляем щучью икру при комнатной температуре
  13. While there is time, make a small design.
  14. On top of the pan cover with 2-3 layers of gauze fabric.
  15. Spread cooked eggs.Выкладываем приготовленную икру
  16. Make a cheesecloth pouch and suspended it horizontally above the pan.
  17. Leave pike caviar for a while in the cheesecloth to drain excess fluid.Оставляем щучью икру на некоторое время в марле
  18. Then put the eggs in a glass bowl.
  19. Add to taste refined sunflower oil, salt, spices, spice, stir.
  20. The eggs are ready to eat.

Recipe for the lazy

According to many Housewives, grilled pike caviar is an extremely tasty, enriched with vitamins, micro and macro product. Do not rush to throw eggs at cutting pike carcasses. She will make an excellent dish that will complement a vegetable or grain side dish.

Как приготовить щучью икру в домашних условиях?


  • 0.5 kg pike caviar;
  • 1 tsp fine-grained salt;
  • 3 tbsp sunflower refined oil;
  • ¼ Tsp. ground black pepper.


  1. Gut perch carcass.
  2. Caviar carefully wash under running water.
  3. Remove film and streaks. All actions should be performed with extreme caution, because you can easily damage the integrity of the fish by-product.
  4. In a thick-walled pan pour refined sunflower oil.
  5. Heats it and spread the caviar.
  6. Season it with salt and black pepper.
  7. Takes five minutes, and then turn the eggs on the other side.
  8. Add the peppers and salt.
  9. That’s it — fried eggs are ready.

Note! Before freeze pike caviar, think several times. Most chefs recommend not to expose eggs to low temperatures, because after thawing the eggs will turn to mush, and cook a unique dish you will not succeed. This is due to the fact that the water in the membranes of eggs kristallizuetsya, to the detriment of their integrity.

Pike caviar tempura

If you decide to cook pike caviar as a main dish, the preparation process it is important to maintain the integrity of the fish by-product. Also, the eggs of the pike can be used as a filling for pies and rolls.

Щучья икра в кляре


  • 500 g pike caviar;
  • 3 tbsp of wheat flour;
  • salt and a mixture of peppers – to taste;
  • for frying sunflower oil.


  1. Prepared by pike caviar, as described in the previous recipes. It is important during removal of the film and streaks not violate the integrity of the product.
  2. In a separate bowl pour the sifted flour.
  3. Mix flour with fine-grained salt and ground pepper.
  4. Washed pike caviar dry with paper towels.
  5. Carefully dip her in flour and spread in pan.
  6. Fry in sunflower refined oil until tender.
  7. Serving caviar to the table with vegetable salad and sauce.

See also:

Doctors say that the pike caviar is a rich source of vitamins, micro – and macroelements. Serving of this food has beneficial effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular system. In addition, normalizes circulation and increases gemoglobinovyj level. Don’t forget to carefully handle raw pike caviar, it is advisable to blanch it with boiling water to get rid of parasites. Bon appetit!

Postpartum depression: symptoms, how long, how to get rid of?

While carrying a baby a woman is going through a lot, but the kid is already on hand, and it would seem that all the worries behind, need to calm down. But there are women who after birth, babies violations occur in the nervous system.

Послеродовая депрессия: признаки, сколько длиться, как избавиться?

As a result of this process is disturbed mental state and there is a loss of peace, the mother becomes anxious and depressed. Often this condition flows into postpartum depression. This is quite a serious offense that should not be taken as a way mothers to deviate from their duties.

Features of the state

Every woman has its own nature, those or other diseases, the impact of external factors. Not every women birth in Chad is an insanely joyous event. The woman takes on a whole new role, and life is turned upside down.

Some then become very happy, enjoying my motherhood. But some, instead of these positive emotions you feel frequent anxiety, worry over trifles, are exposed to stress. All of this leads to depression. Among medical terms this condition is called postpartum depression.

People don’t in all cases know what this condition is dangerous for the health of the young mother. It is not necessary to give importance to this, it is important to get mommy to go to the doctor.

If left untreated postpartum depression, it can cause dangerous consequences, in some cases even suicide attempts.

Relatives, and, of course, herself a young mother should be aware that postpartum depression is a dangerous mental disorder. It in any case can not be left without proper attention, this condition requires mandatory drug treatment. So depressed most of the women successfully treated, but only after consultation with a specialist, and administration of appropriate therapy.

Attention! If the mental character lasts more than 1 week, this may indicate the presence of depression. If the mother is negatively configured on your baby, indifferent to him, refuses to perform actions aimed at child care, then you need to go to the doctor.

How long

Depression, if untreated, can last a very long time – sometimes the company comes to 4-5 months, and some may take several years to develop into a more dangerous state. Of course, this is displayed on the ratio of women to her baby. These disorders provoke the development of apathy among women, she loses interest in life, including their child, which significantly affects the quality of life and further development.

Over time the condition may improve, however, the course of depression gets chronic.

Statistics indicate that the disorder occurs in every fifth new mother. Moreover, depression is delayed, many for several years. Postpartum disorders occur in approximately 75% of pregnant women, however, a very dangerous condition that occur in approximately 3-4%.

Who is the problem

Doctors believe that the violation is included in the larger category of depressive disorders. Symptoms, consequences similar.

Depression that occurs after childbirth, you may experience not only the mother but also the baby’s father. Of course, the male psyche is more stable, so such breach continues for a relatively long time, but the signs are not so expressed, as that of women.

In men, the condition can occur for the reason that his ordinary life in the root is changing – there are new duties and responsibilities. Fathers can have a depression in active and in passive.

If the condition is manifested by activity, there is irritability, severe aggression. If the condition manifests itself passively, the man to become withdrawn and removed from the situation.

Types of postpartum depression

Not all psychological disorders of the fairer sex after the birth of the baby can be called depression.

Each person from time to time there is apathy, melancholy, but these States do not require special treatment.

But there are cases in which the enrolment is required. These are:

  • Postpartum melancholy. This condition is often confused with the development of depression after childbirth. Such a violation is characterized by changes that occur as a result of the abrupt change in hormonal levels of the mother. A woman becomes tearful, worried about their health and the health of their own baby, the nervous system is constantly in tension. This state is characterized by periods of strong irritability without aggression. The condition may last from 2-3 days to 7-8. From depression this violation is characterized by the fact that the mother did not cease to care for the child and actively communicates with it. However, if not promptly paid to the mother’s attention, the condition can develop into depression.
  • Neurotic depression. May occur in patients, which were wound susceptible to neurotic disorders. The person often changed the mood, he becomes irritable, it may start to irritate the surrounding people. Some women may develop panic apathy – a condition in which enhanced heartbeat, increased sweating, there is a strong irrational fear, this dramatically blood pressure jumps from low to high and Vice versa. Often a woman in labor for some time can lose memory.
  • Psychosis. If the condition is severe, then women may sometimes experience hallucinations. Such occurs not often, but it is a very dangerous condition, as in this case, the mother can harm newborn. To treat such violations should under a doctor’s control, always in stationary conditions. If a woman with such a violation is not isolated, this may pose a danger to others, including for a child.
  • Prolonged depression. This condition is most common among young mothers. The beginning of this condition usually starts with apathy, which are caused by lack of sleep, constant fatigue, because of the difficulties to care for a newborn. The mother doesn’t want to be a bad mother, does everything to fulfill their duties. The woman constantly blames himself for the existing problems, as well as for my irritability. As a result, the condition will develop into depression.

What causes postpartum depression

Even those women who for a long time planned and look forward to his appearance, are often subjected to postpartum depression. The only reason such breach is not, but usually it is caused by various factors, States and events that trigger negative emotions. Often the reasons of development of this condition can connect the physical and the mental. Collectively, they contribute to worsening depression.

Physiological causes

Birth is always stressful for the woman’s body, in addition to the physical and emotional ordeal for women. The new mother feels severe pain, hormonal balance changes dramatically which is the reason that the rhythm of all organs and systems, including disrupted nervous system.

Физиологические причины

This provokes physical ailments, fatigue, malaise, dizziness. In the end, the woman cannot care for the child and can not cope with their responsibilities.

There are cases when women give birth through the operation of “cesarean section”. It can also affect the situation.

Statistics suggests that among women giving birth by caesarean section, are much more common mental nature than among mothers giving birth alone.

This is due to changes in hormone levels. When a patient gives birth alone, in her body to produce the hormone oxytocin. It dulls the feeling of pain and provides lactation. This allows you to eliminate some factors contributing to the development of depression.

When undergoing caesarean section, the body can not be so quick to rebuild, which causes severe hormonal imbalance.

Depression can also be triggered by difficulties with the establishment of lactation, with the development of mastitis, lack of milk. The woman begins to think she cannot give your child what he needs.

Psychological causes

Often after childbirth, especially if the delivery was not, as originally planned, can occur not emotions of happiness, and the feeling of guilt that the role of good parents have not been wholly implemented in reality.

Kids are not always born completely healthy, it also provokes psychological disorders in women. There is often a sense of guilt can occur for the following reasons:

  • The woman is not the fullness confident in my own abilities and is afraid to worry about the little thinks that can hurt him. If a woman has no experience in child care, and to not tell anyone, she begins to worry whether she is right. If a child is crying, he has colic or disturbed sleep, and the woman cannot rest and the baby does not have the power to alleviate his condition, it begins to further doubt their abilities. It may cause depression and discouragement.
  • Changes dramatically very usual for women the rhythm of life. The child in the first few months from birth, yet establishes its own mode, so the woman problematic with normal sleep. The child often wakes up at night crying – hungry or colicky. Not all mothers can have a normal vacation, especially if you sleep during the day also fails. This greatly overloads of the national Assembly.
  • The lack of free time. If the woman no one helps with the baby, in addition to worries about the baby on her shoulders still to go in the house. If the husband in this matter does not support the new-made mother, on the contrary, reproaches her that she can not cope with their duties, then this can cause depression.
  • Changes in appearance – the deterioration of the skin, changing shapes. After pregnancy a woman’s figure changes dramatically, get in shape, of course, possible, but not immediately. Appear the extra pounds, stretch marks, thinning hair, broken nails. Often women who are especially picky about their appearance, fall in depression.
  • A bad relationship with the baby’s father. After the birth of the baby most of the attention a woman pays him. But the man removed on the second plan. Often after the birth of a child is violated libido, discomfort during the sexual contact, against the husband because of the constant fatigue. If a mother feels bad about it, she had gradually become depressed.
  • Change in social status also affects the development of depression.

It should also be noted that depression can develop in women whose babies were born with some health problems. The woman is such a child subconsciously feels guilty about offspring that are not able to have a healthy.

Depression often occurs in very young mothers and in women after 35 years of age, the fairer sex who have a bad relationship with his mother, a husband or it before pregnancy suffered from disorders of a psychological nature.

Symptoms of depression after childbirth

Postpartum depression does not occur in 1 day. It develops gradually, usugublyali every day. A few weeks after birth you may notice these symptoms of this condition:

  • The woman is not very adequate to treat the baby, does not want to communicate with him, to feed, not responding to a crying baby, does not show him special attention.
  • The woman’s attention becomes distracted, it can’t find the words, talking, become decisive, it is difficult to do even the easiest choice.
  • There is a temper (even without a good reason), nervousness, mood swings – from crying to laughter.
  • Self-esteem is underestimated, the woman criticizes itself and its own capabilities, constantly talking about the fact that she worthless, that nothing comes.
  • Loss of all interests, not a desire to communicate with friends.
  • Change of appetite – binge eating to anorexia and Vice versa.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • In some cases, may even appear suicidal thoughts and attempts.
  • There is a constant feeling of tiredness even after rest, sleep, do not want to do but to lie.
  • Lost the ability to get satisfaction from the simple pleasures of life, instead of good emotions, women are constantly unhappy.
  • Guilt for everything that happens around.
  • Fears for no reason strong anxiety regarding the child’s health and safety, the nonexistent health problems.

In the presence of depression may not necessarily have all these symptoms.

Often depression occurs in women for the reason that their expectations of motherhood and their own feelings differ from those that were before the pregnancy. But it’s not terrible, but not all mothers can understand and recognize their own “not perfect”.

Симптомы депрессии после рождения ребенка

Many newly minted moms believe that from the first days after birth, they will have to be the maternal instinct that they will immediately enter the role of the mother. In fact, it takes some time.

Critical periods

There are certain periods, during which the woman most can be subjected to development of depression.

The most difficult period from the 4th to 9th month of life Chad, it was at this time a feeling of discontent and irritation will increase. This is the first critical period, it may be depression.

Further, depression may occur in the period from 9 to 15 months. During this period, the woman may be configured to pessimistic about the future. It can disappear the desire to perform the most basic household chores.

Postpartum depression in men

The reasons that cause this condition among men who are similar and “female reasons”. But there are some factors that are specific to this case.

This applies to changing social roles in the family and problems associated with the need to take relationships that are formed with the baby. The man realizes that his wife most of the time pays for the child, as a result, it formed a sense of uselessness.

Also not the last place in this survey is the financial aspect, because the costs are increasing, on the background of family circumstances and other reasons may worsen the problem with the work, and this causes additional stress.

A huge role in this case plays a sex life, which can be a long time absent because of the postpartum recovery of the wife or because of lack of time. It is the main cause in the development of postpartum depression in men.

If a woman refuses sex, a man gets angry at her, then at the child, and then himself (for such behaviour). Symptoms of depression in men manifest so he can become violent, depressed, being tired, irritable, have problems with potency, problems with appetite and sleep.

This condition can be dangerous because the man keeps away from his wife, commit thoughtless acts, refuses to communicate with friends, refusing sex life. Sometimes, to improve his condition, the man resorts to drugs, alcohol, or entirely immersed in the work.


To diagnose a violation need to talk to the woman, “heart to heart”, to ask some information from her family. The definition also depression plays a special role in revealing the facts of a woman’s life, facts about her disease in the past.

In the diagnosis are also used such methods:

  • Laboratory tests to exclude the presence of somatic disorders;
  • Visual inspection, survey, history of the mother (her complaint);
  • The scale of the Hamilton, which will help you determine the severity of the condition;
  • Laboratory tests for the presence of additional factors that may cause stress and fatigue.


If the doctor after examination of the patient will establish the diagnosis of “depression”, then the further treatment will depend on the severity of the condition, the characteristics of the symptoms, and what treatments are available in a particular case. Because women who breast-feed, you can use only certain drugs that will not adversely affect the child.


The primary goal of therapy is to reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms of depression, and leave her progression.

In stationary conditions, the treatment of this pathology is infrequent. This is possible if there are strong psychosis, complex somatic disorders and suicide attempts.

In treatment are used:

  • Consultations with a psychologist;
  • Psychotherapy;
  • To support the family.

These methods will be effective in case if the woman herself admits own problem and wants to be cured.


Often to eliminate depression use drug treatment. Usually the woman assigned to antidepressants and hormonal agents.

Indications for psychotropic drugs are defined by a psychiatrist if the symptoms are pronounced and there is a danger the consequences. Usually the testimony is the thoughts of suicide, obsessive fears, accompanied by sleep disorders.

The use of all medications during breast-feeding is carried out exclusively by the doctor and under strict control. About the self may not be considered. Treatment with traditional methods is also banned.

If assigned to antidepressants, it takes into account the following facts:

  • They should have a minimum list of neurotropic side effects;
  • Must normally be combined with other drugs;
  • The absence of dangerous symptoms as a result of overdose;
  • Not a difficult regimen;
  • Prohibited teratogenic effects on the feeding process and system of the child;
  • The drug should not affect motor skills;
  • Side effects from taking should be kept to a minimum.

In order for treatment to be effective, everything should be done in a timely manner, contact a doctor as soon as you start to show the first symptoms of the disease.

How to choose antidepressants

I must say that antidepressant remedies must be prescribed by the attending doctor. He, the selection of optimal and efficient means takes into account the fact of breast feeding.

Как подобрать антидепрессанты

If the woman is very anxious, fussy assigned to drugs that provide a strong sedative effect. If the patient is so upset, depressed, she had a bad dream, there are constant fears, then assigned funds, which provide a stimulating effect.

Drugs are prescribed to take with the lowest effective dose and gradually increase it. The tool is not abruptly abolished, the abolition should be gradual, and the monitoring of the patient.

If the condition has improved, but the whole woman is not healthy, the treatment is prolonged. If this is not the desired result, the doctor selects other drugs.

What is the danger

If left untreated postpartum depression and it last for more than a year, it may precipitate a more dangerous deviations. Depression, left untreated, can cause:

  • Psychosis;
  • The desire to hurt the child, others or yourself;
  • Suicide attempt;
  • The deterioration of relations in the family, the disintegration of the family;
  • The progression of depression;
  • Deviations in the mental development of Chad, a negative impact on his psyche.

If timely notice the problem and contact the doctor, who will select the adequate treatment, it just happens to be avoided.