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Coconut oil for hair

Кокосовое масло для волосProperties coconut oil is praised even Cleopatra. It has vitamins a, C and E, which are in great need of modern man. Today you will learn how to use coconut oil for hair, and also read the reviews of those girls who have tried the oil myself.

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Hair masks at home (for dry and damaged hair)

Маски для сухих волос и секущихся кончиковMany women suffer from dryness and hair breakage. There are cases when even professional methods do not help. And while many people turn to folk and assistant drugs.

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Hair masks at home from falling out

This situation may arise due to improper nutrition (lack of calcium in the body, polluted environment, heredity, hair coloring, and other reasons). Today on the website we will show you how to make a hair mask.

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Everything you need to know about ultrasonic hair restoration

The details of the new salon

Hair mask with vitamins in capsules: 7 recipes

Regular coloring, perming, styling with Curling iron or flat iron have a negative impact on the health of the hair, making it brittle, dry and lifeless. To save the situation will help hair mask with vitamins in capsules, which can be used at home.

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Nourishing mask for damaged hair (at home)

Should try time-tested recipes of care of the beautiful hair, which is inherited from our grandmothers. We offer you several recipes of masks that will help to revive your hair and make them obedient.

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Tar soap for hair: useful properties and features of use

Tar – miraculous gift of nature, which, due to its unique Botanical properties, helps not only to preserve the beauty and strength of the hair, but also used for various diseases of hair follicles and scalp.

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How to grow hair at home?

Over the past five years flowing long locks ousted haircuts out of fashion. What is the reason? Fashion is back. That’s why our website this article will reveal the secret of how being at home, to grow a lush tresses.

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Masks for hair growth at home

Mother nature gave humanity a lot of valuable materials that can easily help to grow hair on their own. Today we will show effective recipes masks for hair growth at home.

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Vitamins for hair from falling out: list, reviews, cheap tools

Today we will tell you what vitamins you need for your tresses. About the food where they are contained, and vitamin complexes, by which you can stop hair loss and make them healthy.

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