For anybody not news that Smoking is one of the ways to harm your health and also people around you. One of the most dangerous pathologies arising on the background of Smoking are cancer.

Когда курение становится убийственным

Studies of the effects of tobacco smoke on the body are quite a long time and quite successfully. According to the latest data, according to “Russian newspaper”, in smokers with little experience there is still a chance of stopping dangerous changes in the cells, after a course of special therapy.

In the center of Oncology Sidney Kimmel researchers tried to find the answer to the question about the mechanism of carcinogenesis from cigarette smoke. It turned out, the epigenetic changes that come from cigarette smoke in the cells of lung tissues, correspond to the initial stage of cancer. Processes affect, in particular, on gene expression. But the major structural changes in DNA do not occur.

The researchers tried to clarify exactly when these changes (epigenetic) begin to take on a deadly form. And managed to find the answer to this question thanks to lab-grown bronchial cells.

Within 15 months these cells every day is treated with liquid analogs to tobacco smoke. Their dosage was equivalent to two packs of cigarettes smoked per day by the adult, and the duration of the experiment is equivalent to 20-30 years of Smoking.

The decrease in gene expression, which is the predecessor of DNA abnormalities were noted in the period between the tenth day and the third month. Next, the researchers recorded spikes in the level of protein concentration (DNMT1). In the case of suppression of gene activity began uncontrolled cell division, which invariably led to the formation of cancerous tumors in the lungs.

Рак легких

When artificially introducing a mutation in the gene that actually causes lung cancer (referred to as KRAS), as well as in the processing of the cells of the body respiratory system the tobacco smoke, the pathological changes that lead invariably to cancerous tumors, can be observed only after 15 months.

On the basis of these research experiments and it was concluded that to kill Smoking the body begins with 15 months of regular inhalation of nicotine smoke.

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