It is considered that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is absolutely not compatible with fast food. A favorite dish of many residents of the metropolis – fries, Yes, indeed, and other dishes from the series “fast food”. Any fast food, fried as well as other “Goodies” adversely affect human health, as they contain a lot of fat and sugar.

Фаст-фуд – профилактика рака кожи!

Nutritionists argue that the fascination with French fries and hamburgers can really lead to obesity, negatively affect the level of bad cholesterol, promote the development of dangerous cardiovascular diseases.

But recent research carried out in relation to palmitic acid, without which no cost, virtually no product of fast food, prove that it is a substance from the group of fatty acids, is vital to control certain gene MC1R. This gene increases the risk of melanoma development, which is considered one of the aggressive varieties of cancer of the skin.

The Daily Mail reports that the study was conducted in one of the leading universities in the world in Boston. Rodents with mutations in the gene MC1R directly, giving products enriched in palmitic acid. It was recorded that the risk of developing cancer pathology has declined considerably.

From this it follows that the harmful for some fast food, its French fries, delicious cookies and burgers that are useful for others, especially for owners of red hair, pale skin and freckles. It turns out the MC1R gene called “red gene”.

This is because the ultraviolet rays can damage DNA and, consequently, the development of certain pathologies, in particular cancer of the skin.


Dangerous melanoma at an early stage of development in the near future it will be possible to detect with the help of some intelligent systems. It is under development at the University of Waterloo. This system will be able to analyze all kinds of skin formations. Data on so-called biomarkers of melanoma will be provided to the physicians. Those, in turn, making certain conclusions are going to be able to start treatment that will help many people to avoid fatal consequences.

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