Scientists have found a way to “dictate” the fate of the cells to provide a controlled trade subsidiary and regulatory T cells.

Новое открытие может повлиять на лечение аутоиммунных заболеваний

Control T-cells help fight off autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancer

A new study has found a way to manipulate the differentiation of T-cells in the immune system to achieve a balance between proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cells. This discovery may have implications for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and certain types of cancer.

Autoimmune diseases occur when our immune system mistakenly identificeret healthy cells as a foreign body and decides to attack them. Participate in this process contained in certain immune system cells called “T cells”.

T cells come in different types and perform different functions, but their main role is in triggering an immune response in the body. Some T-cells Pro-inflammatory, meaning they contribute to the emergence of the immune response, and others immunosuppressive, that is, they adjust the “aggressiveness” of the response.

Autoimmune diseases and some types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer and lung cancer, are caused by a certain imbalance of T-cells in the immune system. This imbalance leads either to abnormal inflammation, or lack of reaction, when the body is not able to identify the pathogens.

Управление Т-клетками поможет бороться с аутоиммунными заболеваниям и некоторыми видами рака

Recently a large number of studies have been conducted to explore a specific type of T-cells called T helper 17 (Th17). Scientific studies have shown that Th17 cells can be unstable, and thus support the autoimmune diseases and cause some types of cancer.

A new study conducted by Dr. Dean Sheng (Sheng Ding) from the Institute Gladstone (Gladstone Institutes) San Francisco, California, found a way to change the cell’s participation to determine differentiation or Th17 cells, which represent inflammatory cells or regulatory T cells, which represent immunosuppressive types of cells.

The results of the new research were published recently in the scientific journal “Nature” (Nature).

Dr. Dean said that the results of this work can have a large impact on methods of treatment for many autoimmune diseases and immuno-Oncology therapy and stem cell treatment.

Chemical compounds – the key to manipulation of cells

In a new study to test the impact of chemical compounds called aminouxusna acid (ASC), the researchers performed experiments both in vitro (using cell culture) and in vivo (using mice).

Химические соединения – ключ к манипуляции клетками

The researchers found that the KLA is the key to entering the cells-predecessors of the team that tells them to specialize as either Th17 or as regulatory T-cells. This allows you to form a strategy that promotes cellular balance within the immune system.

Dr. Dean and his colleagues explain that this discovery may have more profound implications for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

For example, in the case of autoimmune diseases definition the differentiation of regulatory T cells and not Th17, can inhibit (suppress) enhanced the inflammatory effect caused by the cells-helper cells.

The researchers also aim to investigate any potential advantages that this strategy can bring to therapy based on cells. Regulatory T cells can sometimes be used to prevent system failure from organ transplantation.

Ключ к манипуляции клетками

Dr. Dean and his colleagues now suggest that the production of regulatory T-cells can also be used to improve the immune tolerance of transplantation of cells. They also expressed the hope that the same strategy can be effective, albeit indirectly, in cancer therapy.

The first author of the study Dr. Tao Xu (Tao Xu) from the Institute Gladstone says that the new work may also contribute to the immuno-Oncology and cancer treatment. As noted by Dr. Xu, this type of therapy is not directly aimed at cancer, and works directly on the immune system, helping it recognize cancer cells and attack only them.

The researchers suggest that this is only the first step in regaining control over the defective mechanisms of the immune system, so it is necessary to conduct other studies and to understand how best to use the AOC to make treatment more effective.

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