Serious music disciplines for training in almost not used. Athletes from weightlifting, for example, train in silence and without her. In gymnasiums during training – too quiet.

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Include music only fitnessista and artistic gymnasts. But it is required for the performance. Powerlifters put something with barely discernible text, but a large number of guitar riffs.

But fitness clubs are massively “bought” electronics to those who know how to make tracks. Some coaches like to stand out, conduct classes with live DJs. And the yogis of different popular drummers, and other experts on folk instruments. And all this extravaganza is not all love.

Sometimes the music in the club is so annoying that we have to suppress her own background. Headphones – not so rare in the environment of training attendants. And it’s not only to not climb with advice, requests and acquaintances.

Briony Smith: music for yoga and sports — Music compilation for sports on Yandex.Music

Music for fitness is appropriate and in the power zone if you are involved in “tonic” mode, or doing some kind of training for Amateur bodybuilding. In the power disciplines its appearance and relevance is determined by the type of discipline and characteristics of the hall where do. Of course, it is better to stock up your tracks, if from the speakers in the club rushing some tearful ballad, and she only gives way to music for rest and relaxation.

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