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The problem of split ends often affects even healthy hair. The reason for split ends is lack of moisture and nutrition. To such things can happen for many reasons: due to improper care, styling without thermal protection, lack of vitamins, ingestion of some drugs. The main rule, if you saw that your hair is starting to split (a time with the haircut took a little), boring to think about, to enhance care.

Change the approach to shampooing

уход за волосами

Dry and split ends can not be washed with shampoo. Sounds strange? But, nevertheless, it is a fact. So, if you noticed that you have cut the ends, change the schema shampooing: Myl roots with shampoo, which should be selected according to the type of the scalp. Then, just wash it off, especially without touching the hair length. Soapy water is enough to wash dry hair.

The only time, once a week, my entire length to thoroughly wash off the residues of styling products.

Use oil

масло для волос

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Natural oil by virtue of its composition are able to visually improve hair condition, and powering them without weighting. Of course, the split ends will not be perfect because of the hair plastered really impossible to glue, but visually it will seem that way. Specialists suggest to use for hair that have split ends, coconut oil, and avocado oil. Just 2 times a week apply the oil on hair for 45 minutes before washing the head. It should be noted that in such cases, rinse your head completely.

Wear with a moisturizer

крем для лица

Did you know that moisturizer for the face or body can save hair in the moments when they look bad? Sounds unusual, but it is. Very often the split ends of hair in humid weather or for other reasons look dry and, frankly, ugly. To quickly fix the situation, brush them with a moisturizing cream (for hands). Take it easy: squeeze on palm means in the size of a pea, and spread on dry hair.


витамины для лица

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To make the hair have enough nutrition throughout the length of the hair, the body the necessary vitamins. This is especially true of vitamins A,E and group B. it is Worth noting that most hair hair getting worse on view in transitional periods: in mid autumn and in early spring. Hairdressers advise to connect at this time, vitamin artillery. What to use vitamins can and should be, both internally and externally: add the contents of the capsules Aevit in hair masks or conditioners — hair after the first such procedures will look more neat and tidy.

If you notice split ends in your hair, don’t you worry about the Ironing and Curling is only style your hair with a Hairdryer.

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Split ends — sama I common problem in the issue of hair care. How to solve problems with split ends at home — read our material.315615https://www.youtube.com/embed/OP8TaC1lvG82016-03-03T11:14:57+02:00T5H12M0S


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